Condolette Dwell Sukhumvit 26

Condominium in the heart of Sukhumvit For those who define the word “house” in the sense that it is more than just a residence. But gives a feeling of warmth, security, privacy and comfort in all areas because here Condolette Dwell condominium is ready for you Get everything in the meaning of the word house Which is superior In the heart of Sukhumvit, everyone dreams of a condominium. Concept house in the heart of Sukhumvit With the design to feel like a house such as a gable triangle roof With a garden around the building that feels like home

The Developer
Phrom Phong
Phrom Phong / Sukhumvit


  • CCTV
  • Fitness
  • Garden
  • Private Lift
  • Security Guard
  • Swimming Pool


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